PRP-Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP-Platelet Rich Plasma in Chattanooga, TN

Have you seen that throughout the years, your hair has gotten significantly thinner? Maybe you’ve lost a lot of hair and feel humiliated to go out openly? Or on the other hand, perhaps, you’re worried about the general volume, completion, tone, and surface of your skin? Provided that this is true, at that point you might be a perfect candidate for PRP.

PRP or platelet-rich plasma therapy is a treatment method that is obtained from one’s blood. Plasma is the component of your blood which is mainly composed of water as well as proteins. Platelets are a specific blood cell which assists in blood clots and acts as a healing component. The process in which PRP is effective is when blood is transferred into a centrifuge, which then separates the plasma from the blood cells. The result of this is a clear-like liquid that contains platelets which are then used for treatment. Platelets contain healing properties that act as directions for your tissue to produce and multiply. Various medical fields have advocated for PRP therapy for increased recovery time and the ability to regrow healthier tissue. We will initially determine if PRP therapy is a beneficial method for you. A special collection tube will be used to draw your blood as it will be used as a sample in the centrifuge. The tube is then placed into a centrifuge for 10 minutes as the platelets and blood cells will be separating from each other. The platelets are then concentrated into a syringe and are ready for injection. The injection area will be cleansed and the platelets are injected into the crucial areas that seek improvement. Upon injection, the area will be thoroughly massaged which will help the PRP disperse evenly. We recommend 3 treatment sessions for the majority of our patients, which are usually spaced 1 month apart.

Afterward, upkeep sessions each 4-6 months will help look after the outcome. Furthermore, in view of your reaction to PRP treatment, you may require extra treatments to get ideal outcomes. You may encounter some wounding and expansion in the treated regions however this ought to quickly resolve. This is a normal result of PRP treatment and it is to be expected when you are in the post-operation stage. You may likewise encounter some affectability and you will be encouraged to scrub down the evening of your treatment just as to apply a virus gel pack on a case by case basis.

Numerous patients will get results after just two treatments however,  on the occasion that you experience negative side effects, you may require more sessions. Regularly, these PRP treatments can be combined with extra noninvasive procedures. We serve patients in the Chattanooga region with their PRP needs. 

PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma in Chattanooga TN