Hormone Replacement Therapy Chattanooga

BHRT is a natural hormone not made from synthetic solutions like horse urine. It is used for both men and women to alleviate the symptoms of pre-menopausal (cramps, PMS, endometriosis, irregular periods, hot flashes, mood swings, etc.), post-menopausal (vaginal thinning & dryness, reduced libido, mood swings, etc.), and andropause (male menopause symptoms like low testosterone, fatigue, reduced libido, mood swings, etc.) and many other symptoms such as anxiety and depression.

Hormone Pellet Therapy for Men & Women

Pellet therapy uses hormones derived to replicate the body’s normal hormonal levels. Patients have found that bio-identical hormone replacement therapy with pellet implants is extremely effective. Implants, placed under the skin, consistently release small, physiologic doses of hormones that provide optimal therapy.

Unlike oral and transdermal forms of therapy — which produce “roller coaster” hormone levels, resulting in mood and energy fluctuations for the patient — the BioTE® Medical Method using bio-identical hormone pellet therapy is the only delivery method of hormone therapy that can provide sustained hormone levels throughout the day for up to three to five months without any “roller coaster” effect.

Hormone Troches for Men & Women

Troches are small lozenges that dissolve between the cheek and gum over a period of about 30 minutes. As it dissolves, the hormones are gradually absorbed into the blood stream, resulting in physiologically natural hormone blood levels. Also, because these are bio-identical to the hormones your body has produced, they are efficiently recognized, utilized, metabolized and excreted by the body. Since your own hormones only last about 8 to 12 hours, your natural hormone replacement should be dosed about every 12 hours to give adequate, even blood levels.

*Individual Results May Vary

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